Stunt Records, 2017
Glass World
1.Stand By
2.Blues for Rasta Prasta
3.One for Bent
4.Body and Soul
5.Old Lady Walk a Mile and a Half
6.Spanish Sparrow
7.Coming Home
8.Glass World
9.Waiting for the New One
Rudy Smith Quartet
Ole Matthiessen
Henrik Dhyrbye
Ole Streenberg
Jesper Løvdal
Bjarne Roupè


Caprice Records, 2015
What pan did for me
2.Take the A Train
4.Sugar Daddy
5.Third Call
6.Sal Rabso
8.Pan in A minor
10.El Vito
11.Be Bach
12.Blues l'armoise
13.Happy's story
Rudy Smith Quartet
Modern Sound Quintet
Hot Pans Steelband
Birdsong Steelband
Merrymakers Steelband
Lars Sjosten Quartet
Robert Munro & Friends


Danmarks Radio
DR-Storyville, 1999
Time to Move On
1. softly as in a morning sunrise
2. friendship
3. ruth's waltz
4. time to move on
5. my foolish heart
6. life's never gonna be the same without you
7. all of us
8. you don't know what love is
9. be bach
Rudy Smith Quartet
Ole Matthiessen
Henrik Dhyrbye
Ole Streenberg


SANCH, 1998
Pan-Jazz improvisations
1. but not for me
2. the monkey
3. blues for sanch
4. satin doll
5. ol'lady
6. turkish delight
7. misty
8. autumn leaves
9. improvisations in re minor
10. st. thomas
Rudy Smith
Annise Hadeed
Felix Roach & Friends


SANCH, 1998
A Pan-Jazz Concert
1. welcome address
2. autumn leaves
3. summertime
4. bag's grove
5. turkish deloght
6. body and soul
7. band introductions
8. on green doplhin street
Rudy Smith Quartet
Carlton Alexander
Douglas Redon
Sean Thomas


Leeman Enterprises Inc., 1993
Live in Toronto
1. there is no greater love
2. bag's groove
3. 'round midnight
4. on green dolphin street
5. asia
Rudy Smith Trio
Kieran Overs
Norman Marshall Villeneuve


SANCH, 1989
1. there will never be another you
2. blues for rasta prasta
3. israel
4. carnival
5. now is the time
6. autumn leaves
7. summertime
8. body and soul
Rudy Smith Trio
Niels Praestholm
Ole Streenberg


S & P Records, 1985
Stretching Out
1. song for ginger
2. bluse l'amoise
3. impressions
4. blues for egar
Rudy Smith Quartet
Ole Mathiessen
Niels Praestholm
Ole Streenberg

S & P Records,1984
Still Around
1. blues l'amoise
2. ursia
3. elise
4. blues for bradick
5. be bach
6. still around
7. el vito
Rudy Smith Quartet
Ole Matthiessen
Niels Praestholm
Gilbert Matthews






Odeon, 1971


[Modern Sound Quintet]

Kofi Ayivor - Congas
Sigfried MacIntosh - Double Bass
George Allyn - drums
John Roachford - Piano
Rudy Smith - steel pan
The Modern Sound Quintet was formed by Rudy Smith in the late 60's in Sweden. This international group of musicians featured John Roachford (Piano) from Barbados, Sigfriend McIntosh (bass) from Surinam, George Allun (drums) from Trinidad and Kofi Ayivor (congas) from Ghana and Lars Samuelson (jazz trumpet) from Sweden. They released one album "Otinku" in 1971.

Late 70's they changed their name to Modern Sound Corporation and released another album "Dancin' Feet" in 1978.

K-Tel, 1978

Dancing Feet
[Modern Sound Corporation]

John Roachford - Keyboards
Bill Prince - Alto Sax, Trumpet
Kofi Bentsi-Enchill - Bass
George Allyn - Drums
Charles Dyall - Sax, Trumpet
Mike Denti - Guitar
Rudy Smith - steel pan